Saturday, December 7, 2013

Explode your Advertising / Sales by Partnering with me

Hello Everyone ..

As many of you know, I've been a successful online marketer for over 20 years with my primary focus being on advertising, traffic generation, Solo Ads etc ....

I have achieved fantastic results for my clients and can and will do the same for you ...

I won't bore you or insult your intelligence with gimmicky sales hype or false claims ... I will simply tell you that my reputation as a traffic broker, advertising provider is 100% solid and that my work gets results!

This being said, I have decided to accept Exclusive "Done 4 You" advertising clients and provide them unlimited advertising for an the entire year at an incredibly discounted price.

This package will provide my exclusive clients with unlimited solo ads to my list(s) of 10's of thousands, marketing on my blogs, and all other resource I personally use to promote on a daily basis .. You will also be given my personal contact information and have  access to me 24 / 7!

If you want to EXPLODE your marketing campaigns and REALLY MAKE MONEY online, I can and will do everything possible to assist you in those goals by mentoring you, offering expert advice / assisting you in writing effective ads that work, and much, much more!

If you're genuinely serious about earning money online, and want to hire / have a PROVEN EXPERT in your corner ... The time to take action is NOW!  
Thank you and I'm looking forward to working with those of you bold (and smart) enough to do take action and throw your marketing into HIGH GEAR

Your man in the Mountains ...

EJ "Big Ed" Benko

Saturday, November 30, 2013


I'm EJ "Big Ed" Benko ...  I've been a successful online marketer / offline business person for over two decades and if I've learned nothing else in my career .. I've learned these 4 Key Principles to Success! I believe in these 4 principles with all my heart, and practice them in my life on a DAILY basis .. I hope you will too - 

                                                MY 4 KEY PRINCIPLES FOR SUCCESS 


Stay focused on your business. Don't be a "rabbit." .. "Rabbits" are what I call people who "hop" from opportunity to opportunity. If you constantly change the opportunities you join / market, you will ruin your reputation. People will think you're unreliable and indecisive .. "hare"(get it? Hare /rabbit :) today .. Gone tomorrow   You need to build your reputation on a solid platform of stability, integrity, and reliability ..People will recognize these qualities and want to join you based on attraction and because you present yourself as being rock solid!


Without doubt, one of the (if not the biggest) biggest problems I see regarding why people don't make money online is because they think all they have to do is advertise their business now and then, and money will simply fall from the sky "automatically" .....  


The most successful and profitable online marketers, and entrepreneurs work their business on a consistent basis!  Each and Every day successful people are doing something to promote and / or work their business(s) period! There are, and can be no exceptions to this "rule" 

I'm not saying you have to put in 8 hours per day every day ..if you can only work your business 3-4 days per week so be it BUT make sure you're putting in maximum effort and not just going through the motions like the lazy, unsuccessful people are .. You know, the people that do nothing for themselves yet always complain because they are failing?  Imagine if large Fortune 500's only advertised their business  "once in a while" Do you think they'd be in business very long or capture the name branding, the reputation and the success
they've had for decades!! ABSOLUTELY NOT! Why would you plan your success on anything less and be foolish enough to expect BIG results from minimum efforts?  GET OUT THERE AND MAKE IT HAPPEN because if you don't, your competition will!


This is one of the things that genuinely baffles me.... People want to be successful yet they don't want to put in the effort / work required to make their dreams of success a reality! HUH? 

I've been an online marketer for 20+ years and recently I've seen a "new breed" of marketer emerging ..  Lazy ones that think it's "enough" to join some "get rich quick" system, advertise for a few days and wait for money to drop in to their laps .. Typically, these "lazy people"  quickly fail, and give up ... The strangest part about these lazy people is that when they fail, they then turn around and blame everyone / everything else for THEIR failure! Complete Insanity! 

The ABSOLUTE TRUTH is that EVERYONE who is successful (even the so-called "overnight successes") has worked, and worked, and worked to become that way! It doesn't just happen!  YOU need to make up your mind and CHOOSE if you're going to work your business on a consistent basis or not .. Success is entirely up to you .. SO DON'T GIVE UP!


Become, Be, and Stay determined that you are going to succeed NO MATTER WHAT!
There will be good days, and not so good days and sometimes, we have to dig "deep" to keep going. But, that's what real winners do. Remember, "WINNERS NEVER LOSE AND LOSERS NEVER WIN"

If you need any help in you're marketing efforts me, I've been a successful online marketing coach / mentor for many years .. I've helped hundreds of people achieve their dreams, and I can help you also .. Visit my website / get more information here 

Until Next time, this is you "man in the mountains" telling you to ......


EJ "Big Ed" Benko

Skype: Edward.Benko

Monday, November 25, 2013

Excuse's ... the Mantra of LOSERS!

Are you familiar with people (or are you one of them?) who think and talk like this? 

"I can't make good money blah blah blah...." 

"I'm not the type of person who makes good money waaa waaaa." 

I believe most of you have heard these types of people and / or you are one of them and if you are .... It's your mental programming and it HAS TO GO!

Think about it...

Who taught you to think like that in the first place?

Were / Are they successful internet marketers?

Were / Are they rich beyond the dreams of avarice?

Of course they aren't! 

They were / are people who have been taught to think negatively and watch life from the sidelines! 

All they've EVER done is live an ordinary life and do everything they're "supposed" to do and the advice they gave you is the biggest crock of crap you've ever been told!

It's time to change your programming!!

If you want success, you MUST STOP being the one who sabotages your own success based on what "they" told you about yourself and never take advice from anyone who isn't where you want to be in business or in life!

Remember ....Water seeks it's own level - hang around losers and you'll be one too .. Associate with WINNERS and the World is yours for the taking! 

Your man in the Mountains ............

EJ "Big Ed" Benko
Skype: Edward.Benko

Monday, November 11, 2013

SEO is no longer a math problem, it’s a human one.

The old math of increased back links and stuffing keywords is DEAD and is now just fodder for Google to identify your website and then BURY it in the search results... Simply old school methods that DON'T WORK anymore! 
SEO is no longer a math problem, it’s a human one.  Social indicators are becoming key to ranking and link algorithms are being retired. It’s time for you to see / learn the truth about SEO and how to adjust your online efforts accordingly. 
Below are just some of the things you should and NEED to be doing on a Daily, Weekly, Monthly basis  to get yourself noticed and ranked ....
  • Manual directory submissions .. 
  • Article Submissions (5 unique article content *20 article directories)
  • At least 1 Press release, 400+ words written
  • PDF File Creation & Submission
  • PPT File Creation & Submission
  • Blog Creation and Posting
  • Blog Optimization
  • Facebook Business Page Creation
  • Twitter channel Creation
  • Increase twitter followers
  • Increase likes, shares, tweets, reddits, and +1 in order to get natural backlinks
  • Anchor text diversity (DO NoT not use exact keywords for backlinks).
  • Find /  get Natural backlinks from link worthy articles
  • Draft & submit original articles to
  • Create Google+ page for your business
  • Distribute 5 posts daily via Google+ Page
  • Participate in Forums
  • Create blog for your website
  • Create 1 new post per week on your blog
  • Manually Submit your website to leading Web directories
  • Write creative Meta Tags for your website(s)
  • Learn / implement  keyword Research/Analysis
  • Competitor Analysis (watch what they do / replicate it) 
  • Learn / implement Header Tags Analysis
  • Learn Web Page Inter Linking (Anchor Tag) Analysis
  • Study Keywords Density, Proficiency & Proximity Analysis 
  • HTML Sitemap creation for your sites / blogs
  • Study XML Sitemap creation and how to upload them to the search engines
  • Study / use Google Webmaster Tool Integration
  • Study / use Bing Webmaster Tool Integration
  • Learn about Google Analytics integration
If you aren't doing some (or all) of these things on a regular basis, you're just wasting your time .. Forget those idiots trying to sell you search engine submissions / back-links, etc's nothing but GARBAGE and things your can easily learn to and do for and by yourself! 
I hope this small SEC "lesson" has helped you .. I know learning all these things sounds "difficult" but it's really not that hard once you apply yourself but, if you need motivation, keep reminding yourself that learning these things will make your marketing more effective & in turn will ultimately make you MORE MONEY! 
If you need help, guidance, advice, etc .. never hesitate to reach out to me .. I'm always happy to do what I can - 
Remember ... 
Stay Positive ...
Stay Inspired ...
Stay Motivated ...
And NEVER give up your dreams! 

Your man in the Mountains ..
EJ "Big Ed" Benko
Skype: Edward.Benko

Saturday, September 28, 2013

EJ Benko Solo ads / Traffic Generation Services ..... Rated 100% by Fiverr and One of the BEST TRAFFIC GENERATING Gigs by Fiverr Members!

Hello everyone ... 

Today I'm going to shamelessly promote my Solo ad, Marketing, and Traffic Generation services  :) 

I'm not going to bore you with a lot of talk ... 
 Instead, I'll let the video's speak for me / my work and let you decide whether or not to use my services or not  .. Thanks!  EJ "Big Ed" Benko 

Rated 100% by Fiverr  / One of the BEST TRAFFIC GENERATING Gigs by Fiverr Members!  Visit all 3 of my TRAFFIC / MARKETING Gigs and read the reviews for yourself!  ** Mention you saw me on FB and get a BONUS Ad FREE! **

 Unsolicited (and unexpected) video testimonial from a client in the UK.. Thank you John! 

Become my Joint Venture Advertising Partner 

JV Ad Package Rates Starting as Low as $25.00

Thank you all for your continued support and confidence! I do my best to provide my clients with the highest quality service and value for their hard earned money! 

Feel free to contact me for more information ............

Your man in the Mountains, 

EJ "Big Ed" Benko
Skype: Edward.Benko

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Success, Failure, Excuse's, etc...................

Good morning from beautiful Colorado everyone!

Today I want to talk about a few simple principles that are the very foundations of everything we do online and off ..

Success:  Everyone / anyone can achieve success in their lives regardless of background, education, income etc, etc. ..  How is this possible?  The answer is EASY and OBVIOUS!  Work for and EARN it!
Success only comes to those who truly want it and earnestly SEEK it out and WORK for it .. No "magic" formula's, systems, etc, etc .. The POWER lies in you and your ambitions / motivations -  PERIOD!

Success in life is not an "entitlement" and your don't "deserve it" just because you showed up! STOP "expecting" a good life to simply be handed to you! It DOES NOT work that way in the real World!
If you genuinely want to be successful, get off your ass and GO GET IT!

Failure:  Failure is easy and leads us to our next topic of "excuse's"  ... Failure LOVES lazy people! Failure loves cry babies, whiners, and negative people! Think about it ... how many positive, motivated, inspired people do you personally know that are failures in life?  Not many (if any) I bet!

So which one are you?  
The  negative, cry baby whiner or the positive, inspired, motivated person? This is a serious question you need to ask yourself & answer by taking a good, hard HONEST look at your life, your relationships, what you surround yourself with, people you associate with, etc, etc . If you DON'T LIKE what you see...


Excuse's:  Another easy thing for lazy, negative people to use to explain their personal failures...

Things like ..............

  • The World's against me
  • I'm a victim of society
  • My race, religion, etc holds me down
  • I'm don't have any money
  • I'm not good or smart enough
  • And the biggest success / dream  killer of them all ... "I don't have time" 
Honestly, I have no time or desire to associate with and / or be around "excuse makers" ..their negativity drains the life from me and frankly, their endless complaining about how "life's done them wrong" gives me a freakin headache! 

Belief: Belief is the ultimate "antidote" for excuse and failure and the "secret" key ingredient for success! 

Most people don't believe in themselves and this self doubt forces them into a downward spiral of negativity, excuse making and inevitable failure  .. I'm sorry but this is the cold, hard, simple truth of the matter. if you don't like this truth, refer back to my discussions of failure & excuse's .. odds are good you're one of those people and NEED to CHANGE yourself and your thinking process's - 

Belief in yourself can and will drive you to take on, and accomplish things you've never dreamed possible! belief in yourself is the vehicle that can / will wake you up in the morning and lead you to do your best, be your best every single minute of your life! 

Believing in yourself (no matter what others think, do or say) is what will make you move mountains, take risks, dare to try / do new things and push yourself beyond all the limitations you previously thought held you down! 

Maybe you're thinking "Big Ed's lost his mind" or "he doesn't know me or my life" and maybe these things are true BUT what Big Ed DOES KNOW is the power of self belief and self love and what tremendous things these two simple, 100% FREE things can do for anyone's life!  I know this is true from my own personal experiences and from the many, many success / transformation stories I've personally witnessed in the lives of countless others who dared to look inside themselves and CHANGE those things they didn't like and held them "prisoner" in their own self doubts, and negative thinking! 

The same can happen for you if you only let it happen, and it's so, so easy to break those chains if YOU CHOOSE TO! 

Don't let other people's negativity drag you down .. don't let other people's opinions be the mold from which you cast your own self image .. Don't let other's people's personal failure(s) steal your dreams! Be who you are and who you want to be & to hell with all those negative nay sayers!  In life there will ALWAYS be other people who don't want you to be successful, they want you to stay down at their level because that's all they know .. Forget them! 

Learn, Grow, Become! 

Nope .. not trying to sell you anything here except for the simple fact that you are an amazing person and more powerful than you think you are! I believe in you and I know that no matter what you're up against, you can and will overcome it and achieve the beautiful life you've always longed for! 


Need help / advice / guidance?  Contact me, I'm happy to help you ...
Skype: edward.benko

Your man in the Mountains. ....

Big Ed
Skype: Edward.Benko

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Online Advertising / The benefits of "JV's" AKA Joint Ventures

Good morning everyone ...

Today I want to talk about the power of "Joint Venture" advertising or "leveraging" and what it can do to take your advertising to an entirely different level! 

I'm what's known as a "traffic broker" ... 

Traffic brokers are the people online that promote your opportunities / offers using different forms of marketing mediums such as solo ads, etc, etc .. Traditionally "our" traffic is targeted, top tier (tiers are different global regions ..US is tier 1, etc) sent to real people who have opt'd in to our lists and / or came to us through some other source .. 

Traffic brokers make their living by supplying you the best traffic available online ..

Every week / month, I send hundreds of solo ads to a very large membership list and also generate massive amounts of traffic through a system I developed I call my "Traffic Monster" -  These are my two primary traffic sources however, I also use MAJOR Social networking sites along with  a vast, global network of people in "lower" tier regions such as Asia, India, the middle East and some parts of the European Continent, etc ..

The "Monster" pulls in live traffic from all over the Planet in real time .. I can't tell you exactly how my system works but I will tell you that traffic comes from almost ALL major marketing  / social networking sites, and places your opportunity in front of hundreds of thousands of people 24/7 non stop! 

On any given day I can easily put an ad in front of ten's of thousands or people, and having this marketing ability is extremely powerful! 

I've decided to offer my services to marketers in "package deals" more commonly known as "joint ventures" 

How this works is simple ..

For a fee, I will include your opportunity in all the advertising I do .. For example, say client "A" purchase's a solo ad from me or I'm simply promoting my own opportunities, at the top or bottom of that solo ad I'll include a tag line such as "This solo ad has been brought to you by ..... at www."  and I will do this in each and every ad I send / post for a specified period of time .. day, week, Month, etc ..

Imagine how POWERFUL partnering with my advertising campaigns will be for your marketing! 

If you're interested in becoming one of my marketing JV partners, contact me and we can discuss campaigns, and pricing .. 

Skype: edward.benko
FaceBook: EJ Benko 

Thank you and I look forward to working together with you soon!

As always .......


Your man in the mountains .... 

Big Ed 

Saturday, August 10, 2013

What the "guru's" are REALLY selling you ... This is an eye opener people

Good morning from the beautiful State of Colorado and the Rocky Mountains!

Each and every morning I wake up, look out over the mountains and realize how truly blessed i am to live in this amazingly beautiful place ... Thank you God!

Today I want to talk to you about, and "expose" what the online "guru's" are REALLY selling you ..


Everyone wants / needs more time ... Time for relaxation, time for their families / loved ones, Time for themselves, etc, etc, etc ......................

BUT the "guru's" can't sell time can they?  So what they "sell" you is the dream of more time ...

You know the routine by now right?

  • Beautiful websites 
  • Captivating video's 
  • Latest / Greatest "systems" to make money
  • BIG promises of riches 
  • Blah blah blah blah ......

Everything you're looking for, want and dream about right?  Wrong...............

First off, 99% of the "systems" out here are the SAME! The "guru's" simply "re-package" and re-present them to you as something else .. Think about what I've just said and now compare all the different programs, and systems you've seen advertised  .... I think you'll quickly discover (as I did long ago) they all sell / promise the exact same thing and that is "make money, live better, and have more FREEDOM!

Time and "freedom" are what's being sold folks so don't think one system is better or worse than the other as ultimately, it's all up to you in the end anyway ...

That being said, let me move on to my next point ... and this one should REALLY open your eyes!

The guru's have another "trick" they use to release themselves from the responsibility of your eventual success or failure and that tick is a very simple one .............

The guru's sell you their "dream machines" with promises of BIG MONEY, retirement, etc but after you buy their over priced illusions, they cleverly immerse, and bombard you with "training" .... Video's, conference calls, webinars, etc, etc .... All designed to turn it back around /  dump it in your lap!  Brilliant!

Now if you fail, it's not their fault's yours because you didn't follow the "training" ..They keep your money and you move on to the next "shinny" latest / greatest system ... Pure marketing genius!

So now you know the real (and only) "secrets" the guru's all know and use to sell you everything and anything and guess what? It's ALL still up to you to make the magic happen! 

I don't care what system, program or platform you're using .. Success / Failure is in YOUR HANDS and your hands only ..Period! 

Don't spend BIG dollars on "training" or mentoring ..You DO NOT need it! Absolutely everything you'll ever need to know about online marketing is online and available FREE if you take the time to search it out ...  

NO ONE / NO SYSTEM is going to make you rich simply by default! YOU have to do the work and that's the bottom line! 

I'm always here to help whether you're a newbie or an experienced marketer and I'm not going to charge you an arm and a leg for my help! Your success ultimately leads to mine and together, we ALL get strong / successful!

Thanks again for your time and I look forward to meeting / speaking with you

Your man in the Mountains....

Big Ed 
Skype: "edward.benko"
YouTube Channel 

Saturday, August 3, 2013

It's really not your fault ... The Importance of erasing "pre-programmed" negativity

Happy Saturday everyone ..

First, let me qualify today's entry by stating clearly that I am NOT a psychiatrist or any type of mental health professional .. I'm just a person who's learned a few things about overcoming adversity in life & want to share how I did / do it ....

OK, end of "disclaimer" LOL ... Today I want to talk to you about mental garbage, and how to "take out the trash"

Many of us (myself included) were not raised by positive, inspirational people and whether you're aware of it or not, this negative upbringing has left "us" with what I call "mental battle scars" .. Battle scars that unknowingly / subconsciously stop us from believing in ourselves, and being the absolute best we can be!

These "battle scars" are like little time bombs and seem to detonate / explode at times in our lives when being positive / inspired are the most important things we need .... They (battle scars) are like pre-recorded tapes that dwell in our sub conscientious mind telling us "we aren't good enough" or "we aren't smart enough" or that "we will never amount to anything" ...  These "tapes" are extremely destructive and in many case's, prevent us from being the GREAT PEOPLE we were meant to be and are!


If you were raised in an environment where you weren't shown love, encouragement, and respect it's not your fault and you can change that if YOU choose to! The negative crap you were told by others in your life is THEIR CRAP NOT YOURS and you have the power to simply flush it if you choose to!

"We" know we aren't worthless, or stupid, etc, etc but yet, growing up we had people in our lives that told us we were & wanted us to believe we weren't capable of great things! I don't blame those negative people for the way they are ...odds are they were raised the same way & just didn't know any better. Truth be told, I feel sorry for them for having had to live their lives in the shadows of other's people's negativity / issues.

The GOOD NEWS is that YOU have the power to break that negative, self destructive cycle and declare yourself as whomever / whatever YOU want to be! It's not hard to do once you recognize that "stinking thinking"

Believe in yourself and when those old "you can't do it / aren't good enough" tapes start running in your mind, stop whatever you're doing, think about great you really are & turn the tapes off!

It's like taking out the trash ... when the can / bag gets full, you take it to the curb and let the garbage department take it away!

Of course I realize that some mental / emotional scars are deep and that my method may seem to "simple" for those deeper rooted problems but I truly believe that we as humans can stop at any point in our lives, re invent, and re program ourselves into more positive people and live the lives we have always dreamed possible!

It's simply a matter of choice ... if you choose to be negative, miserable, broke etc .. you will stay that way BUT, if you choose to change the way things are, become a more positive person and are willing to invest the time / effort required to make those changes, your life will do nothing but get better, and better ..

The choices are always ours folks ...This isn't a "dress rehearsal," it's real life and the clock is ticking off every second of it .. No "do overs"  We have to make every moment count and work everyday to become the people we want to or know in our hearts we can be!

I want everyone to be the best they can be and live the best lives they possibly can so....

Stay Positive - Stay Inspired - Stay Motivated and NEVER give up your dreams!

Here's some new Eric Thomas to help you out :)

Your man in the Mountains ....

Big Ed
YouTube Channel

Monday, July 15, 2013

How to generate a TON of FREE Qualified, REAL VISITORS to your site using Cash in on Banners!

Hey everyone ..

I wanted to share this little system I recently discovered with my network / online marketing audience ..

It's a simple system called "Cash in on Banners" and it's something I think every / any marketer needs to have in their advertising "arsenal" .. 

It's very simple  but instead of me trying to explain it, I'm posting a video that walks you through the entire system and shows you how you can use Cash in on Banners power as a free member or how you can get more power from it and make a little extra money for yourself! 

 This Short Video Explains in Detail How CIOB Works ...

Free Advertising / Making Money are GOOD things!

Watch the video then click on any of the links on this page to be taken to CIOB's website to get your 100% FREE CIOB page .. Whichever way (Free or paid and paid is only $10.00) you're going to get a LOT of exposure to your opportunities .. Absolute Win / Win!

To get your 100% FREE banner site just like the one discussed in the video ..Click the link below!

>>> Cash In On Banners <<<

If you're not using this simple, traffic generating GIANT ..
You're missing out on something GREAT!

Another great advertising tool brought to you by your man in the mountains ...

Saturday, July 13, 2013

The Passing of time ........

Slightly over a week ago I lost my last living Uncle to cancer ...

This was / is a hard loss for me as my Uncle Sandy was the last of my families elders to pass ..

Out of 10 Aunts / Uncles on my Father's side and 5 on my Mother's, Uncle Sandy was my Mother's youngest Brother, a first (U.S born) generation Scotsman, and the last living life line I had to that amazing generation who raised, inspired, mentored, and guided me through the formative years of my life ...

The elders of my family were all WWII (World War II ) generation people who lived / worked by an entirely different set of values then we see today .. To them, honor, respect, honesty, integrity and family values were more then just words .. they were a way of life.

Growing up among theses amazing people instilled their strong core values in me, and I am eternally grateful to each and every one of them for their wisdom, guidance, and mentoring - I am humbled and honored to have been in their company. Truly God was smiling on me the day he placed me in the care of these wonderful people ... their influence helped shape me in to the man I am today.

Due to the passing of time, we are losing "the greatest generation" at an alarming rate .. If you know anyone (Mother, Father, Grandparents, etc) from this era, please spend time with them, learn from them.. show them the love, honor and respect they genuinely deserve and have earned! The wisdom you can / will gain from these extraordinary people is a priceless treasure to be held in sacred trust-

My Uncle Sandy was laid to rest today but he, and all those who've gone before him will live on in my heart and mind until the day comes when God calls me to join them ....

Rest in peace Uncle Sandy. Thank you for being a strong, positive influence in my life ..more importantly, thank you for being my friend. I love you and will never forget you .. 
God's Speed Uncle .. I will miss you forever -

Alexander "Sandy" Hynds
July 14th 1940 ~ July 7th 2013

Sunday, July 7, 2013


Good morning everyone!

It's another glorious morning in the rocky Mountains and I never cease to marvel at how blessed am I to live here!

I received a new Fiverr order from a young marketer today and over delivered to help him out ..

I'm a strong believer in under promise / over deliver  and giving my clients far more then they expected and / or paid for - In a way, it's like "paying it forward" ..Something else I'm a strong believer / support of!

Below is a transcript of our Fiverr conversation this morning .. I wanted to share it with all of you in the hopes that it helps motivate you, and keeps you inspired during the "darker" days of online marketing .. 

I've also included a couple of  "E.T" video's at the bottom & if Pastor Thomas doesn't get you inspired / thinking about your life & place in the World, check your pulse because you just might be dead! LOL
Stay Positive, Stay Inspired, Stay Motivated and NEVER give up your dreams!

Big Ed


Im excited! Thank you so much you over exceeded my expectations, and I will recommend you to others that feel they have lost hope, not just with MCA but with other sells, I will definitely come back theres other stuff id like to sell. hear from you soon


Nathaniel ..
NEVER lose hope! Online marketing is a very tough game in spite of what the "guru's" want you to believe!!!
I've been online since the 1990's and I've made a lot, lost a lot's a numbers game - There are no overnight rich's or instant / push button miracles out here so be CAREFUL of ad's that try to sell you on the "do nothing but sit on your but and get rich" garbage!
Let me share the REAL "secrets" to being successful as an online marketer ...
  • Work Hard
  • Be consistent
  • Be honest
  • Treat people with the same respect you expect from them
  • Don't waste your time chasing prospects / team members that drag their feet! Keep moving FORWARD!
  • Promote products, services, systems that are legitimate and provide a GENUINE benefit to your clients
  • CONSISTENT! Post ads everyday regardless of how you're feeling about it -
  • DO NOT chase "rainbows" or waste a lot of m.o.ney on gimmicks, etc .. invest in yourself / your promotions
  • Be diligent and treat your online business like an offline business and / or job ... Always do your best!
- Stay positive
- Stay Inspired
- Stay Motivated!


Sunday, June 9, 2013

The "Power of You"

It's another gorgeous morning in the Colorado Rocky Mountains and I'm so very thankful to be alive to enjoy the splendor of Nature's art work ....

Each and every day we face all types of challenges in life ... bills, health issues, mechanical failures, etc .. and often times we forget how valuable just the simple things in life truly are and how blessed we are to have them ...  A fresh cup of coffee, a warm bed to sleep in, a hot shower in the morning, a smile from your spouse, children, friends, a "good morning" tail wag from your dog, and that God (no offense to those who don't believe) saw fit to allow us another day on Earth!

I'm very grateful for these simple things for I know that there are so many others in the World going without

Everyday I wake up knowing that it's a "fresh canvass" and that as the artist, I can "paint" my day anyway I choose to .. I can make it a happy day or I can make it a miserable day ..It's up to me to decide what mindset I'm going to use for the day, and if it will be either a positive or negative one!

Of course there are events that occur in life which we as humans have no control over .. but again, we can accept these challenges as "tests" of our character or, we can choose to let them tear us down mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually .. Our choice once again -

The reason I'm discussing these things today is because it's our mindset that makes us who we are in life ... happy, depressed, tolerant, intolerant, wealthy, poor, successful or not ...

As children we are taught many things that often times "haunt" (or bless) us throughout our entire lives! Think about it ... were you the popular kid in school with many friends, accomplishments or were you the unpopular kid that stayed to themselves and didn't reach out to others?  Were your parents / family supportive of you or did they do nothing but program you for failure? These little subconscious "time bombs" carry on all through our teen / adult lives and can either push us to climb mountains or cripple us with doubts, and fear ...

The GREAT NEWS is that all of us have the power within ourselves to overcome these "time bombs" and achieve great things in our lives BUT we have to choose to both acknowledge and deal with them to do so ..

Great / successful people aren't born that way ... They BECOME that way through hard work, dedication, and a healthy, positive mindset!  

As online marketers we face these subconscious "time bombs" every day and I see so many succumb to them and fail without ever realizing that it wasn't the product, system or program they were involved with and  / or promoting ... it was themselves! Their failures / disappointments were programmed in to them many years ago & have been quietly and "secretly" determining the course of their lives for years!

There's a very successful marketer online name Anik Sengal who believes in the power of personal mindsets very strongly and has used his abilities to go from being bankrupt and broke to one of the most successful young entrepreneurs of our time! Anik doesn't make excuse's or blame anyone else for his failures .. he takes ownership of himself and use's it to empower himself as a businessman and help others achieve their financial goals .. He doesn't sell garbage or "dreams" .. he tells it like it is and creates solid online business's that WORK for everyone / anyone regardless of their backgrounds, knowledge or experience! Anik truly is one of the "good guys" out there in the cesspool of online marketing ...

If you're a struggling marketer (or a successful one) I'd like you to take a few minutes of your time to watch his short video on the power of mindset and listen to what he has to tell you .. It could possibly be the exact thing you need to hear to change how you think, and proceed in life from this point ...

You all know I won't / don't promote "junk" or fly by night "instant millionaire" guru crap so you can trust that what I'm introducing you to today is solid, and genuine ...

Take a few minutes and watch the video .. I'm confident you'll be glad you did!

Your man in the Mountains ....

Big Ed 

Saturday, June 8, 2013

The TRUE "Secrets" to being a SUCCESSFUL Online marketer Revealed ...

Good morning from beautiful Colorado everyone ....

Big Ed here again and today, I'm going to finally reveal the REAL "secrets" to being a successful online marketer and it won't cost you a cent!

First off ...let me tell you this -  There is no "magic" software, program, system, training blah, blah, blah that will make you successful online .. That's all hype and garbage designed to separate you from your hard earned money  ...

Think about it OK?  If I (or anyone else) genuinely possessed the "magic, secret" success formula / program, would I need to advertise or sell it? Of course not! I'd keep it for myself and continue being the most successful internet marketer EVER!

Sadly .... that "magic, secret" isn't real .. it's a sales tactic and a cheap one at that!

Here are the REAL SECRETS to Online (and life) Success! 

1. Work hard

2. Be dedicated and committed

3. Promote HONEST, ETHICAL programs that truly will provide a BENEFIT to ALL who participate!

4. Plan your days ... Create a routine and stick to it! Consistency is the "golden key" to being successful!

5. Be HONEST! Don't sell 1/2 truths, lies and scams! Establish an protect your reputation!

6. Know your product(s) inside and out! You CANNOT sell something you don't know anything about!

7. Communicate with your prospects and be responsive to their questions, concerns and issues!

8. Plan to invest your time, money and efforts in to your business! "FREE" just doesn't work online!

9. Stay true to yourself ... Stay Motivated, Positive and Inspired! People can smell a loser ..Don't be one!

10. Repeat the steps above everyday! Be consistent, Be diligent, Stay committed to your goals / dreams!

Only YOU can make YOUR dreams / goals become reality ... Never be afraid to seek out / ask for help from more experienced marketers & if those you ask don't / won't help you, find someone else who will! There are millions of good, solid, experienced marketers out here that are more than willing to help you succeed BUT you have to listen to them and follow their advice step by step, word for word until you're strong and experienced enough to go out on your own HOWEVER....never forget where you came from and / or become unwilling to share that with new people that ask you for help ... Helping others succeed is the greatest reward you'll ever experience and it also strengthens your presence / reputation as a legitimate, successful marketer! Reputation is everything ....Build it carefully and protect it with your life!

I've been online for many, many years now and have made (and lost) a tremendous amount of money but again, teaching others to do what I do has always been my greatest reward .. To me, nothing is more inspiring than watching someone who once struggled "get it" and turn their lives around! It's an awesome feeling!

Stop wasting your money on "instant this and that" programs .. Stop PAYING for training that's already FREE for the asking! Stop believing the liars, and so called "Guru" scammers .. They are dream weavers selling illusions! Invest in YOURSELF and your business instead!

If you need help, ask me ... Ill be happy to do what I can to get you over the humps and on to smooth, clear roads to success .. Mind you, I don't claim to be an "expert" but I've been out here a long time, and have learned a lot!

You can reach me at  or Skype me at "edward.benko"

Please pay attention to what I've taught you today .. I will guarantee you that if you follow my recommendations and 10 steps above, you will be successful!

Until next time ... This is your man in the Mountains reminding you to ................

Stay Positive ... Stay Inspired ... Stay Motivated!

Learn ...
Plan ....

Big Ed 

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Don't Give Up Before the Miracles Happen!

Hello everyone ..

Big Ed here again coming to you from high in the Colorado Rocky Mountains ... It's another beautiful day in Colorado and as I look out over the majesty of the mountains, I realize how truly blessed my life is ...

Life is full of hardships, disappointments, dashed expectations, etc but these are balanced by our victories regardless of how large or small they may be ... it's all part of the "human experience" and basically living life on life's terms ...

We should never let our negatives destroy or erase our positives .. We need to find that delicate balance point and dance all over it :)

Today I'd like to share an email exchange I just had with one of my team members who is also a brand new marketer .. As you'll see in the email, he is experiencing the "reality check" of being an online marketer...The very same same "reality check" that cause's so many to quit and / or fail ....

I hope this helps any of you who are feeling the same ..
From: MW
1:10 PM (1 hour ago)

to me

I am frustrated because I haven't made a penny on anything.  I also had a problem with Paypal but it got fixed today (they had trouble getting my address verified and wouldn't let me add money to it).
I understand your frustrations M  ... Online marketing is a "game" of patience and consistency .. Contrary to what all these so called, self professed "gurus" would have you believe, there is no such thing as "overnight" success and / or "automatic / auto-pilot" income out here .... 

Yes, you can make a lot of money in a much shorter time that working the "9 - 5" but it's not going to happen in your first week, month etc ... 

It does take time, patience, persistence and motivation  .... 

We all get frustrated / disappointed when our (usually way to high) expectations aren't fulfilled "instantly" ... We live in a society groomed on instant gratification and I dare say a sense of "entitlement" ...It seems the age old, tried and true ethic of hard work is fading in to memory ... I can't believe some of the people I meet online anymore!  They actually "expect" to be made big money for doing very little to nothing .. Sad and scary at the same time - 

Bottom line is that an online business is just like an offline business - You have to love what you're doing, have fun with it and work hard to build it ... I take what I do very seriously Michael but I'm also having a blast doing it!

Don't let your dashed expectations / failures stop you ... use them as learning tools and motivation to succeed! 

Stay away from the "guru" garbage like XXXX and XXXX ... These guys are the reincarnation of the original "flim flam men" of old .. Snake oil salesmen selling "bottled miracles" that are really nothing but hype -

I'm out here if you need help but you have to make a commitment to yourself, your business, and your future . Only you can make the "magic" happen for yourself  "M" and the fact that you're even trying tells me you've got what it takes to make it!  

You just have to believe ... I wanna be rich is a solid program that's made millions but it's a long term system.. It will take time to build a team under you but when you do, you're set!  Yes, IWBR requires big numbers of people to hit that $50k monthly income but the internet is a vast place and growing each and everyday! I've had days were I signed up alot of people, and no people but I keep showing up and doing what I do ...You can too - 

I'll mentor you if you like .. I can't / won't guarantee you'll be a millionaire tomorrow or next month but, I will teach and show you the right and wrong roads to take ...


Stay Positive M! Stay Inspired, Stay Motivated and Never give up your dreams! 
Big Ed 

Below is the program "IWBR"  M and I were discussing .... It's a great "longer" term system that can / will provide a tremendous residual income ... Kinda like an online "401K" without the risk of it going bust :)
Watch the video and check it out ... it truly is an amazingly simple yet POWERFUL system!

Thanks again for listening ....

Your man in the Mountains, 

Big Ed

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