Saturday, August 24, 2013

Success, Failure, Excuse's, etc...................

Good morning from beautiful Colorado everyone!

Today I want to talk about a few simple principles that are the very foundations of everything we do online and off ..

Success:  Everyone / anyone can achieve success in their lives regardless of background, education, income etc, etc. ..  How is this possible?  The answer is EASY and OBVIOUS!  Work for and EARN it!
Success only comes to those who truly want it and earnestly SEEK it out and WORK for it .. No "magic" formula's, systems, etc, etc .. The POWER lies in you and your ambitions / motivations -  PERIOD!

Success in life is not an "entitlement" and your don't "deserve it" just because you showed up! STOP "expecting" a good life to simply be handed to you! It DOES NOT work that way in the real World!
If you genuinely want to be successful, get off your ass and GO GET IT!

Failure:  Failure is easy and leads us to our next topic of "excuse's"  ... Failure LOVES lazy people! Failure loves cry babies, whiners, and negative people! Think about it ... how many positive, motivated, inspired people do you personally know that are failures in life?  Not many (if any) I bet!

So which one are you?  
The  negative, cry baby whiner or the positive, inspired, motivated person? This is a serious question you need to ask yourself & answer by taking a good, hard HONEST look at your life, your relationships, what you surround yourself with, people you associate with, etc, etc . If you DON'T LIKE what you see...


Excuse's:  Another easy thing for lazy, negative people to use to explain their personal failures...

Things like ..............

  • The World's against me
  • I'm a victim of society
  • My race, religion, etc holds me down
  • I'm don't have any money
  • I'm not good or smart enough
  • And the biggest success / dream  killer of them all ... "I don't have time" 
Honestly, I have no time or desire to associate with and / or be around "excuse makers" ..their negativity drains the life from me and frankly, their endless complaining about how "life's done them wrong" gives me a freakin headache! 

Belief: Belief is the ultimate "antidote" for excuse and failure and the "secret" key ingredient for success! 

Most people don't believe in themselves and this self doubt forces them into a downward spiral of negativity, excuse making and inevitable failure  .. I'm sorry but this is the cold, hard, simple truth of the matter. if you don't like this truth, refer back to my discussions of failure & excuse's .. odds are good you're one of those people and NEED to CHANGE yourself and your thinking process's - 

Belief in yourself can and will drive you to take on, and accomplish things you've never dreamed possible! belief in yourself is the vehicle that can / will wake you up in the morning and lead you to do your best, be your best every single minute of your life! 

Believing in yourself (no matter what others think, do or say) is what will make you move mountains, take risks, dare to try / do new things and push yourself beyond all the limitations you previously thought held you down! 

Maybe you're thinking "Big Ed's lost his mind" or "he doesn't know me or my life" and maybe these things are true BUT what Big Ed DOES KNOW is the power of self belief and self love and what tremendous things these two simple, 100% FREE things can do for anyone's life!  I know this is true from my own personal experiences and from the many, many success / transformation stories I've personally witnessed in the lives of countless others who dared to look inside themselves and CHANGE those things they didn't like and held them "prisoner" in their own self doubts, and negative thinking! 

The same can happen for you if you only let it happen, and it's so, so easy to break those chains if YOU CHOOSE TO! 

Don't let other people's negativity drag you down .. don't let other people's opinions be the mold from which you cast your own self image .. Don't let other's people's personal failure(s) steal your dreams! Be who you are and who you want to be & to hell with all those negative nay sayers!  In life there will ALWAYS be other people who don't want you to be successful, they want you to stay down at their level because that's all they know .. Forget them! 

Learn, Grow, Become! 

Nope .. not trying to sell you anything here except for the simple fact that you are an amazing person and more powerful than you think you are! I believe in you and I know that no matter what you're up against, you can and will overcome it and achieve the beautiful life you've always longed for! 


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Your man in the Mountains. ....

Big Ed
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