Friday, March 7, 2014


Let the Haters hate and the crybabies cry!

Success is for those who EARN it through HARD WORK, Dedication, Ambition, Inspiration and MOTIVATION! Joining a business, doing nothing yet expecting to become successful is STUPID and a complete WASTE or your time, money and energy!

Get off your but, Develop a PLAN and execute that plan EVERY SINGLE DAY no matter what! STOP looking for free rides, instant, auto-pilot BS and TAKE YOUR BUSINESS / LIFE SERIOUSLY!  STOP being a SUCKER!

I’m serious!

Every day I see all these junk offers for “free” this and “instant / auto-pilot” that and honestly, it insults my intelligence and it should insult yours also!

Do you honestly believe there is any “free” anything out here or some miraculous $1.00 program that’s going to make you rich beyond your wildest dreams? If you do, you’re an idiot and just the type of sucker these so called “guru” con artists are looking for, and LOVE to find!

Sure … join for “free” or for some ridiculous amount like a $1.00 ..what a joke! You’d better know the upsells are coming and coming HARD!

Do you honestly believe you can buy some magical software or “system” that’s going to put your business on complete “auto-pilot” and make you wealthy for sitting on your rear end doing nothing?
If you do, you’re an IDIOT plain and simple, and if you get burned, it’s your own fault - Period!

I’ve been an online marketer since the internet went public (long time ago) and through hard work, dedication, motivation, innovation, and inspiration, I’ve made A LOT of money but again, I work at this every single day and every single day I HAVE A PLAN OF ACTION and a “To Do” list that I follow to achieve the goals I’ve set for myself!!

STOP BEING A SUCKER! Use your COMMON SENSE and the brains God gave!

Would you fall for these “to good to be true / get rich quick” sales pitches in the REAL WORLD? Of course you wouldn't … You’re SMARTER than that! So why would you fall for them / take them at face value online?

STOP! Do your due diligence! INVESTIGATE each and every system you’re thinking of joining BEFORE spending your hard earned money!

Don’t fall for the HYPE and / or just accept what you’re being told at face value!
Google search the business and people behind it - 

READ REAL reviews!

Go to YouTube and search out video (real ones, not disguised sales videos) testimonials and reviews!

I’ve seen and / or know about just about any “system” (mew or old) and can quickly tell you if it’s junk or has value – Reach out to me, I’ll be happy to offer any guidance, advice, etc. I can.

Again, don’t be a chump – Research everything / anything before opening your wallet and if you don’t, you only have YOURSELF to blame if you get screwed!

This is your “Man in the Mountains” reminding you to ..

And …..

EJ "Big Ed" Benko
Skype: Edward.Benko