Saturday, August 3, 2013

It's really not your fault ... The Importance of erasing "pre-programmed" negativity

Happy Saturday everyone ..

First, let me qualify today's entry by stating clearly that I am NOT a psychiatrist or any type of mental health professional .. I'm just a person who's learned a few things about overcoming adversity in life & want to share how I did / do it ....

OK, end of "disclaimer" LOL ... Today I want to talk to you about mental garbage, and how to "take out the trash"

Many of us (myself included) were not raised by positive, inspirational people and whether you're aware of it or not, this negative upbringing has left "us" with what I call "mental battle scars" .. Battle scars that unknowingly / subconsciously stop us from believing in ourselves, and being the absolute best we can be!

These "battle scars" are like little time bombs and seem to detonate / explode at times in our lives when being positive / inspired are the most important things we need .... They (battle scars) are like pre-recorded tapes that dwell in our sub conscientious mind telling us "we aren't good enough" or "we aren't smart enough" or that "we will never amount to anything" ...  These "tapes" are extremely destructive and in many case's, prevent us from being the GREAT PEOPLE we were meant to be and are!


If you were raised in an environment where you weren't shown love, encouragement, and respect it's not your fault and you can change that if YOU choose to! The negative crap you were told by others in your life is THEIR CRAP NOT YOURS and you have the power to simply flush it if you choose to!

"We" know we aren't worthless, or stupid, etc, etc but yet, growing up we had people in our lives that told us we were & wanted us to believe we weren't capable of great things! I don't blame those negative people for the way they are ...odds are they were raised the same way & just didn't know any better. Truth be told, I feel sorry for them for having had to live their lives in the shadows of other's people's negativity / issues.

The GOOD NEWS is that YOU have the power to break that negative, self destructive cycle and declare yourself as whomever / whatever YOU want to be! It's not hard to do once you recognize that "stinking thinking"

Believe in yourself and when those old "you can't do it / aren't good enough" tapes start running in your mind, stop whatever you're doing, think about great you really are & turn the tapes off!

It's like taking out the trash ... when the can / bag gets full, you take it to the curb and let the garbage department take it away!

Of course I realize that some mental / emotional scars are deep and that my method may seem to "simple" for those deeper rooted problems but I truly believe that we as humans can stop at any point in our lives, re invent, and re program ourselves into more positive people and live the lives we have always dreamed possible!

It's simply a matter of choice ... if you choose to be negative, miserable, broke etc .. you will stay that way BUT, if you choose to change the way things are, become a more positive person and are willing to invest the time / effort required to make those changes, your life will do nothing but get better, and better ..

The choices are always ours folks ...This isn't a "dress rehearsal," it's real life and the clock is ticking off every second of it .. No "do overs"  We have to make every moment count and work everyday to become the people we want to or know in our hearts we can be!

I want everyone to be the best they can be and live the best lives they possibly can so....

Stay Positive - Stay Inspired - Stay Motivated and NEVER give up your dreams!

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Your man in the Mountains ....

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