Sunday, June 18, 2017

Medical "science"..... Is it really "science" or just about making money from sick. and dying people? The wonders of CBD and how it saved my life!

Medical "science"..... Is it really "science" or just about making money from sick. and dying people?  

Not long ago, I  was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and told that I'd probably been a diabetic for 10 years and never knew it .. My first question was "how is that even possible? How can I (or anyone) have this disease for 10 years and not know it?" My Doctor(s) told me that diabetes is "silent" and only makes itself known when it becomes "bad" .. Well, mine got "bad" and made itself known by attacking my vagus nerve system, shutting down my digestive system causing a condition known as "gastroparesis"  - What this means in layman terms is that my stomach, and digestive system were essentially paralyzed .. I lost over 85lbs in less than 3 months and went from 215LBS (I'm 6' tall) to less than 130LBS - I was in constant pain, lost all of my energy and was literally fighting for my life .

I went through test after test after test .. I was poked, prodded, X-Rayed, scanned, etc, they drew enough blood from me to start a small blood bank and prescribed more medications then I could count and they (Doctors) still couldn't figure out what was happening to me BUT, they told my conditions was "incurable"

One day, an attorney friend of mine who's wife is a cancer patient /survivor told me about a treatment  his wife was using with great success. What he told me was astonishing but, at this point I was willing to try / do anything to get healthy again .. My friend told me that his wife had started going in for acupuncture, herbal treatments, and using CBD oil ....

I was skeptical at first but, I thought "what have I got to lose?" so, I started doing the same thing and within a very short time, I started feeling better, gaining weight back, and regaining my energy! The best part is that the more natural / holistic treatments I used, the less pharmaceuticals I found myself taking!

CBD or Canabidiol, is a natural extract of the Cannabis plant (it is NOT marijuana) and is documented to have incredible medicinal / healing properties and has been used successfully by cancer patients, diabetics, Parkinson patients, migraine sufferers, people with chronic pain, and for a multitude of other illness's with tremendous results! CBD is legal in all 50 States and does not / will not get you high.  

It's interesting to me how the so called established medical community and "big pharma" claim CBD is "bad" for us yet, the human brain came with built in canaboid receptors .. Why is that?

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The reality is that the big pharmaceutical companies can't / don't make money from CBD thus, it's "bad" .. Nonsense! Personally, I prefer a natural treatment (that my body came equipped to receive) over the barbaric treatments currently being used by "medical science" such as radiation, chemo, etc,etc..

Today, I've gained back almost 50lbs, I'm getting stronger, feel more energetic AND, my stomach / digestive system is working normally again! Incurable? Not so much!

Long story short, I (and my insurance company) spent 10's of thousands of dollars on tests, medicines, etc, etc and all that happened was my condition NEVER improved, and I dare say got worse!

Today, (after being told by multiple Doctors that I was "incurable")  I am only taking my diabetes medications, CBD oil, herbal supplements, muti-vitamins, eating properly, and I'm getting better .. Amazing!

CBD has been used to successfully treat cancer, diabetes, Parkinson disease, kidney problems, chronic pain, migraines, etc, etc .. CBD can be taken / administered in a few different manners, has no harmful side effects (unlike 99% of pharmaceuticals) is non habit forming and as natural as natural can get AND it absolutely works!

If you're like I was, and tried everything, or your Doctors have you on so many medications you can't count them, look in to CBD - I'm glad I did and I believe you will be too -

Your man in the Mountains,

EJ "Big Ed" Benko