Sunday, August 28, 2016

Why do so many people fail online and in life?

Greetings from the Colorado Rocky Mountains everyone!

I’ve spoken on this before and I feel the need to expand on the subject more

People fail in life out of fear, self-doubt, and beliefs embedded in their hearts and minds long ago by other people who were / are 100% wrong! These people were usually Parents, Teachers, siblings or others of influence and authority in our lives –

Again, these people were / are 100% wrong about the negativity they instilled in us but, to their defense, I believe they just didn’t know any better and were operating under bad information embedded in them by others long before we showed up – Sadly, these people only knew how to continue the cycle, and not break it!

You and only you, can, and need to get rid of this bad information and you can because the answers / healing are things you already possess if you're bold enough to reach inside of yourself, pull out that bad stuff and examine it for what it is, pure poison! 

Potential is a "vicious" cycle fueled by our beliefs - If we believe our potential is low, then our actions and results will reflect that accordingly, and when we fail or achieve minimal results, that goes to reinforce our original belief - Do you see how destructive our own thoughts can be to ourselves? It's no one else's "fault" but our own as we are the ones choosing to believe / disbelieve in ourselves and WE are the only ones that can correct and redirect this thinking - 

The way to bolster our belief / potential and results in any aspect of life is to get out of the old "comfort zone" and do things that challenge us more every single day .. it's a daily ritual - each day we do a little more, learn a little more, accomplish a little more until it becomes who and what we are and who we've always known we could be - Hang out with positive people / winners and it will rub off ..  Keep making excuses for failure / why you won't or can't achieve more and being around others that do the same, and you've sealed your own fate - 

This is a self-fulling prophecy - You're not alone but will remain so if YOU don't take the little daily actions to push a little harder and further each day but, it all starts by forgiving the past, and returning that past to its rightful owner – Those who gave it to you! 

Anyone can do this my friends. Anyone can overcome the negativity of their pasts, and live the lives of freedom and joy they desire if they really want it!

The journey starts and ends inside yourself 

Fear is an illusion - Failure is a stepping stone to success - Learn from your trials, overcome them and use them as tools to build the whole new you! 

Just some thoughts
-          Big Ed