Friday, February 20, 2015

First 5 Steps to Starting an Online Business with Fiverr

First 5  Steps to Starting an Online Business with Fiverr

When it comes to starting an online business with Fiverr, there are certain things you will need to do in order to become successful. 
Anyone can create a Fiverr account and earn a little money, but they don’t make a business out of it. If you want to turn your Fiverr experience into a successful online business, take a look at the following steps.
Step 1 – Account Name & Profile Image
It is important to create a professional account name and profile image. Come up with a name that sounds professional and has to do with what you will be offering. Your profile image should be a great shot of you. It shouldn't be provocative or some cartoon character. It needs to look professional. Spend a little time on this to ensure you come up with a good name and image.
Step 2 – Make a List of Ideas
The next step to starting an online business with Fiverr is to make a list of ideas. This list needs to consist of the things you plan to offer. If you are at a loss and need ideas, take a look at some of the gigs already on Fiverr. Get some general ideas and think about what you can offer.
Step 3 – Create & Set Up Your Fiverr Account
Next, you will need to create your Fiverr account and set it up. Put your information in to create the account and then fill in your bio and upload your profile image.
Step 4 – Creating Your Gigs
Now you can start creating your gigs. However, don’t simply throw a gig up and wait for the orders to come in. It is best to create graphics or even a video to help explain your gigs. Having graphics and videos will better help with the selling of your gig. You will also need to have a catchy title. List everything that the person will receive and everything you will need to fulfill the order. Once you have everything like you want it, post your gig. 
Step 5 – Promoting Your Gig
In order to be successful, you will need to promote your gig. There are many ways to promote your gig, so promote away if you want to be successful.
Keep in mind that it will take time to build this online business up! But you can do it and it does pay really well once you get off the ground. It is important that you maintain professional while you are creating these gigs.
I've made a ton of money on Fiverr, (check out my gigs here) and you can too if you follow these steps and do it right!

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