Saturday, April 27, 2013


I had to share this with all you side liners and "armchair quarterbacks" ...

You can spend you life in fear or .... you can JUST DO IT!

Absolutely NO ONE is going to change your life for you ... You have to make the changes in yourself and for yourself!


Here's a GREAT place for you to start making those changes that will absolutely change the course of your life and financial future!


 You can do this people! I believe in you!

Big Ed 

The Power of Leveraging others talents to make you successful!

No person in the history of this planet has ever become highly successful / wealthy without leveraging the power, resources, and talents of other people ...  This is an absolute fact!

Look through history and you'll find evidence of  leveraging's power everywhere ...

  • All the great civilizations ...
  • The Roman Empire ... 
  • Building the great pyramids ....
  • The Great wall of China
  • Organized religion ....
  • Fortune 500 Companies ... 
The list of leveraging examples goes on and on and on ...

Being successful in (online or off) in life is no exception and the power of leveraging can be found everywhere and in everything we do in our daily lives ... Think about it for a moment, you go to work and depend on your employers leveraging power to get / produce work ..You go to the grocery store and depend on the grocers leveraging power to keep the shelves stocked for you ...

Being successful online all revolves around pure leveraging power ... Absolutely NO online marketer / business person or company would ever make a cent if it were not for the ability to recruit and motivate others to promote their products / services ... YOU my friends, are the most valuable resource any company, church, school, Country can have for without you, their success would never be achieved!

This all being said, I'd like to introduce (or re-introduce) you to an opportunity to use your leveraging powers to make yourself very successful  ...  This isn't a job or some "Flash in the Pan" online "guru" gimmick

This is a rock solid opportunity offered by a 14 year old, multi-million dollar company with a proven track record of success .. 

I'd like you to watch the video and decide for yourself  ... I won't promise you overnight rich's (anyone who does is a flat out liar!)  This opportunity will require you to get involved, get active and stay motivated but, anything in life worth having is worth the time and energy required to earn is it not?

As always .... Stay Positive, Inspired, Motivated and NEVER give up on your dreams!

Your man in the Mountains

Big Ed 
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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Look out World ..Big Ed is on YouTube!

My first attempt at producing / posting a video on YouTube :)

This video is about a program I've had a lot of success with called "Free and Powerful"

Be inspired - Be Positive - Stay Motivated and NEVER give up on your Dreams!

Big Ed 

First Impressions are Lasting Impressions! The IMPORTANCE of presenting yourself well

Good morning everyone ...

I hope all is well in your life today and that you make today the absolute best day you possibly can!

Today I want to "rant" about all the absolute GARBAGE ads / ad copy I see marketers posting online everyday ....  Scary stuff!

Look people ...You're putting yourself out there as a business person and trying to motivate others to follow you and / or join whatever opportunity you're promoting ... Don't look like a jackass!

The biggest mistakes I see are .... Bad Grammar and Spelling!

For God's sake people, learn how to speak / write properly in whatever your native language is!  Do not use "street talk" slang, ebonics, or text message style abbreviations like "LOL" and "OMG" .. Speak / write like a person who has some type of education and is knowledgeable about what they are promoting!

Think about it .... You're out there trying to convince other people that you're a "professional" and / or a person of integrity and capable of helping them be successful .. Do you honestly believe that anyone is going to lend any credibility to you / your product if you can't even speak to them on a somewhat intelligent level?

If you can't take yourself seriously / presently yourself CORRECTLY, why would you even presume to believe anyone else in the WORLD will?

If you're putting together ad copy ...PROOF READ IT before putting it online!! Spelling errors, etc make you look stupid and nobody wants to work with / be led by a stupid person!

If you're making a video for YouTube or your website ... look good! Dress appropriately, choose a pleasant, appealing background, etc .. BE PRESENTABLE!! 

Case and point, I watched a couple of marketers video's this morning and I could not believe what I was seeing ...

One guy looked like some unshaven, poorly groomed hippie and another frankly looked like a freakin serial killer!  Yet these two "marketers" (I use the term loosely as I wouldn't buy anything from either of them) were out there trying to "sell" me the illusion that they were fabulously successful (the hippie claimed he was "famous" online) and the serial killer was sitting in a poorly lit, gloomy, depressing room wearing a T-shirt and baseball cap .....

Needless to say, neither of these people impressed  me as either successful or believable ...two attributes that are extremely important when selling anything / presenting yourself - Period!

Are you familiar with the "laws of attraction?"

If you look like a loser, why would anyone else think differently?
If you're to lazy to take the extra time required to put on a nice shirt and / or use spell-check  what would lead me (or anyone) to think that you'd be "different" when it came to running your business / taking care of your team members?
If you present yourself like a street thug, why would I believe you a person of good character / integrity?

Do you see where I'm going with all of this?

Leadership by example people!

If you truly believe that poor grammar, spelling, personal hygiene and dress will make you successful, you're an idiot!

Clean up your act - Present yourself as an intelligent, legitimate business person and you'll be astonished by the results you achieve!

Don't over do it though .. You don't need to look like you're going to a White house ball  .. Just take a little extra time to look / sound like a person others can, will and want to believe in OK?

OK ..I'm don't ranting for today  .. I want you ALL to be successful and prosperous online and off so please, follow my advice and do the work required to make your dreams your reality!

Thanks for listening, and as always ...

Stay Positive, Stay Motivated, Stay Inspired and NEVER give up on your dreams!

Your man in the Rockies ...

Big Ed
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