Monday, June 23, 2014

Top places to advertise any website for cheap!

In case you don't know me,  I'm EJ "Big Ed" Benko. I have been a successful online marketer for over 20 years with my primary focus being on providing high quality, affordable advertising options / resources for my fellow online and network marketers 

Over the years I've seen many "get rich quick" schemes and scams and an equal amount of so called "traffic generating" systems ... Expensive ones I may ad!

Today, I bring you a list I've found that provides POWERFUL ADVERTISING sources for little to no money at all .... 

Small investment, BIG RETURNS! Bang for the buck advertising that produces real results and return on investment! 

Most of these ad spots are lifetime memberships and guaranteed visitors to the websites of your choice so, Get your website, message, and link out there!

This is low cost advertising, most range from no cost to $20 for lifetime memberships which means you can always go back and post your ads as much as you like for the rest of your life! You can also make money with these sites as most have affiliate, reseller options that pay instant commissions directly to you!

Everyone knows Big Ed DOES NOT and WILL NOT promote or recommend "junk" and this is NO EXCEPTION to that rule! 

Guaranteed REAL TRAFFIC and VISITORS for pennies ..... It does not get any better than this people!  Of course, if you need more long term, targeted advertising I can assist you with that also but, I strongly encourage you to take a look at this "bank for the buck" systems today! 

Join one or join them all!
Minimal investment for HUGE returns!

Thank you

EJ "Big Ed"