Saturday, July 13, 2013

The Passing of time ........

Slightly over a week ago I lost my last living Uncle to cancer ...

This was / is a hard loss for me as my Uncle Sandy was the last of my families elders to pass ..

Out of 10 Aunts / Uncles on my Father's side and 5 on my Mother's, Uncle Sandy was my Mother's youngest Brother, a first (U.S born) generation Scotsman, and the last living life line I had to that amazing generation who raised, inspired, mentored, and guided me through the formative years of my life ...

The elders of my family were all WWII (World War II ) generation people who lived / worked by an entirely different set of values then we see today .. To them, honor, respect, honesty, integrity and family values were more then just words .. they were a way of life.

Growing up among theses amazing people instilled their strong core values in me, and I am eternally grateful to each and every one of them for their wisdom, guidance, and mentoring - I am humbled and honored to have been in their company. Truly God was smiling on me the day he placed me in the care of these wonderful people ... their influence helped shape me in to the man I am today.

Due to the passing of time, we are losing "the greatest generation" at an alarming rate .. If you know anyone (Mother, Father, Grandparents, etc) from this era, please spend time with them, learn from them.. show them the love, honor and respect they genuinely deserve and have earned! The wisdom you can / will gain from these extraordinary people is a priceless treasure to be held in sacred trust-

My Uncle Sandy was laid to rest today but he, and all those who've gone before him will live on in my heart and mind until the day comes when God calls me to join them ....

Rest in peace Uncle Sandy. Thank you for being a strong, positive influence in my life ..more importantly, thank you for being my friend. I love you and will never forget you .. 
God's Speed Uncle .. I will miss you forever -

Alexander "Sandy" Hynds
July 14th 1940 ~ July 7th 2013

Sunday, July 7, 2013


Good morning everyone!

It's another glorious morning in the rocky Mountains and I never cease to marvel at how blessed am I to live here!

I received a new Fiverr order from a young marketer today and over delivered to help him out ..

I'm a strong believer in under promise / over deliver  and giving my clients far more then they expected and / or paid for - In a way, it's like "paying it forward" ..Something else I'm a strong believer / support of!

Below is a transcript of our Fiverr conversation this morning .. I wanted to share it with all of you in the hopes that it helps motivate you, and keeps you inspired during the "darker" days of online marketing .. 

I've also included a couple of  "E.T" video's at the bottom & if Pastor Thomas doesn't get you inspired / thinking about your life & place in the World, check your pulse because you just might be dead! LOL
Stay Positive, Stay Inspired, Stay Motivated and NEVER give up your dreams!

Big Ed


Im excited! Thank you so much you over exceeded my expectations, and I will recommend you to others that feel they have lost hope, not just with MCA but with other sells, I will definitely come back theres other stuff id like to sell. hear from you soon


Nathaniel ..
NEVER lose hope! Online marketing is a very tough game in spite of what the "guru's" want you to believe!!!
I've been online since the 1990's and I've made a lot, lost a lot's a numbers game - There are no overnight rich's or instant / push button miracles out here so be CAREFUL of ad's that try to sell you on the "do nothing but sit on your but and get rich" garbage!
Let me share the REAL "secrets" to being successful as an online marketer ...
  • Work Hard
  • Be consistent
  • Be honest
  • Treat people with the same respect you expect from them
  • Don't waste your time chasing prospects / team members that drag their feet! Keep moving FORWARD!
  • Promote products, services, systems that are legitimate and provide a GENUINE benefit to your clients
  • CONSISTENT! Post ads everyday regardless of how you're feeling about it -
  • DO NOT chase "rainbows" or waste a lot of m.o.ney on gimmicks, etc .. invest in yourself / your promotions
  • Be diligent and treat your online business like an offline business and / or job ... Always do your best!
- Stay positive
- Stay Inspired
- Stay Motivated!