Saturday, May 25, 2013

Don't Give Up Before the Miracles Happen!

Hello everyone ..

Big Ed here again coming to you from high in the Colorado Rocky Mountains ... It's another beautiful day in Colorado and as I look out over the majesty of the mountains, I realize how truly blessed my life is ...

Life is full of hardships, disappointments, dashed expectations, etc but these are balanced by our victories regardless of how large or small they may be ... it's all part of the "human experience" and basically living life on life's terms ...

We should never let our negatives destroy or erase our positives .. We need to find that delicate balance point and dance all over it :)

Today I'd like to share an email exchange I just had with one of my team members who is also a brand new marketer .. As you'll see in the email, he is experiencing the "reality check" of being an online marketer...The very same same "reality check" that cause's so many to quit and / or fail ....

I hope this helps any of you who are feeling the same ..
From: MW
1:10 PM (1 hour ago)

to me

I am frustrated because I haven't made a penny on anything.  I also had a problem with Paypal but it got fixed today (they had trouble getting my address verified and wouldn't let me add money to it).
I understand your frustrations M  ... Online marketing is a "game" of patience and consistency .. Contrary to what all these so called, self professed "gurus" would have you believe, there is no such thing as "overnight" success and / or "automatic / auto-pilot" income out here .... 

Yes, you can make a lot of money in a much shorter time that working the "9 - 5" but it's not going to happen in your first week, month etc ... 

It does take time, patience, persistence and motivation  .... 

We all get frustrated / disappointed when our (usually way to high) expectations aren't fulfilled "instantly" ... We live in a society groomed on instant gratification and I dare say a sense of "entitlement" ...It seems the age old, tried and true ethic of hard work is fading in to memory ... I can't believe some of the people I meet online anymore!  They actually "expect" to be made big money for doing very little to nothing .. Sad and scary at the same time - 

Bottom line is that an online business is just like an offline business - You have to love what you're doing, have fun with it and work hard to build it ... I take what I do very seriously Michael but I'm also having a blast doing it!

Don't let your dashed expectations / failures stop you ... use them as learning tools and motivation to succeed! 

Stay away from the "guru" garbage like XXXX and XXXX ... These guys are the reincarnation of the original "flim flam men" of old .. Snake oil salesmen selling "bottled miracles" that are really nothing but hype -

I'm out here if you need help but you have to make a commitment to yourself, your business, and your future . Only you can make the "magic" happen for yourself  "M" and the fact that you're even trying tells me you've got what it takes to make it!  

You just have to believe ... I wanna be rich is a solid program that's made millions but it's a long term system.. It will take time to build a team under you but when you do, you're set!  Yes, IWBR requires big numbers of people to hit that $50k monthly income but the internet is a vast place and growing each and everyday! I've had days were I signed up alot of people, and no people but I keep showing up and doing what I do ...You can too - 

I'll mentor you if you like .. I can't / won't guarantee you'll be a millionaire tomorrow or next month but, I will teach and show you the right and wrong roads to take ...


Stay Positive M! Stay Inspired, Stay Motivated and Never give up your dreams! 
Big Ed 

Below is the program "IWBR"  M and I were discussing .... It's a great "longer" term system that can / will provide a tremendous residual income ... Kinda like an online "401K" without the risk of it going bust :)
Watch the video and check it out ... it truly is an amazingly simple yet POWERFUL system!

Thanks again for listening ....

Your man in the Mountains, 

Big Ed

Big Ed racing trains in Colorado

Sunday, May 19, 2013

One Nation under God, Indivisible, with Liberty and Justice for ALL!

Good morning from beautiful Colorado everyone!

It's been a couple of weeks since my last posting and I apologize ....

As you know, I like to discuss network marketing and and ways to make ourselves more successful in life ..

Today is an exception as I feel compelled to throw out some political commentary just for the sake of "awareness"   .....

As you know, our current leaders are again caught up in even more, and larger scandals and I often wonder when "We the People" are going to tell these ELECTED officials that we've had enough of their nonsense and tell them "You're Fired!"

Bengahzi, IRS, Fast n Furious, etc, etc ....The list of insults against the intelligence / trust of the American people and our beloved Constitution goes on and on yet "We the People" continue turning a blind eye and bickering among ourselves ....  What's the old axiom? "Divide and Conquer?"

We as a Nation need to join together again as one Nation, One people, One unified cause regardless of political party lines / beliefs .. Everything we have held dear (liberty / freedom, etc) is now being threatened and if it's allowed to continue unchecked, the America we've all known and loved since childhood will become unrecognizable ....

The facts speak for themselves and regardless of your personal political beliefs, it's now becoming impossible to ignore the proverbial "elephant in the room"

Yesterday, I was in a "discussion" with a person whose political beliefs differ from my own and instead of having an intelligent, informed conversation, this person simply attacked with name calling, insults, etc and ended their "rant" by throwing the old familiar (and worn out) "you're a racist" accusation ... Amazing!

I find it absolutely fascinating that this other political party is always so quick to condemn others who disagree with them & carelessly throw the race card as if they are "above" everyone else and simply incapable of any type of wrong doing and / or mistakes ... Apparently it never dawns on these folks that by virtue of doing so, it actually makes them the real racists ...

People, PAY ATTENTION, voting for any politician based only on the color of their skin is equally as racist an act as not voting for them for the same reason and accusing someone of such a thing because they don't agree with you is just plain ignorant and STUPID!

I'm an American .. My "colors" are Red, White, and Blue ... I do not judge a persons character or integrity on the color of their skin ... I judge them on their words, and actions - Period, end of story -

All this being said, I'd like to see ALL Americans take time to genuinely study / watch the events unfolding and honestly ask yourselves if this is truly what our Founding Fathers had in mind & if this is the Country we want our children, grand children to inherit?

The evidence is overwhelming ... The facts are out there and cannot be disputed / denied .. Crimes have been committed against America and the American people and Lady Justice demands her day!

Do not bury your head in the sand or simply accept what your "hear" as truth .. Do your research, know the facts involved, forget party propaganda and use your intelligence and judgement to decide what is right, and what is wrong ...

America needs us all right now .... United we stand ... Divided we fall

God Bless America & her people ...

Thanks for listening .....

Your man in the Mountains

Big Ed