Sunday, August 18, 2013

Online Advertising / The benefits of "JV's" AKA Joint Ventures

Good morning everyone ...

Today I want to talk about the power of "Joint Venture" advertising or "leveraging" and what it can do to take your advertising to an entirely different level! 

I'm what's known as a "traffic broker" ... 

Traffic brokers are the people online that promote your opportunities / offers using different forms of marketing mediums such as solo ads, etc, etc .. Traditionally "our" traffic is targeted, top tier (tiers are different global regions ..US is tier 1, etc) sent to real people who have opt'd in to our lists and / or came to us through some other source .. 

Traffic brokers make their living by supplying you the best traffic available online ..

Every week / month, I send hundreds of solo ads to a very large membership list and also generate massive amounts of traffic through a system I developed I call my "Traffic Monster" -  These are my two primary traffic sources however, I also use MAJOR Social networking sites along with  a vast, global network of people in "lower" tier regions such as Asia, India, the middle East and some parts of the European Continent, etc ..

The "Monster" pulls in live traffic from all over the Planet in real time .. I can't tell you exactly how my system works but I will tell you that traffic comes from almost ALL major marketing  / social networking sites, and places your opportunity in front of hundreds of thousands of people 24/7 non stop! 

On any given day I can easily put an ad in front of ten's of thousands or people, and having this marketing ability is extremely powerful! 

I've decided to offer my services to marketers in "package deals" more commonly known as "joint ventures" 

How this works is simple ..

For a fee, I will include your opportunity in all the advertising I do .. For example, say client "A" purchase's a solo ad from me or I'm simply promoting my own opportunities, at the top or bottom of that solo ad I'll include a tag line such as "This solo ad has been brought to you by ..... at www."  and I will do this in each and every ad I send / post for a specified period of time .. day, week, Month, etc ..

Imagine how POWERFUL partnering with my advertising campaigns will be for your marketing! 

If you're interested in becoming one of my marketing JV partners, contact me and we can discuss campaigns, and pricing .. 

Skype: edward.benko
FaceBook: EJ Benko 

Thank you and I look forward to working together with you soon!

As always .......


Your man in the mountains .... 

Big Ed 

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