Thursday, February 20, 2014

Online Sales Lesson #4 - More Sales with Promos & Discounts

Tip #1 - Use discount / promotional offers to introduce new products.

New products, especially those that are still unknown and those that still do not have an established market base, will need a lot of boost. 

One way to introduce such products to customers is to initially offer them with a discount or a promo. The discount and / or promo should only last for a limited time period.

Tip #2 - Use discount / offers to revive a declining product.

The use of discounts and promotional offers are not only effective on new products, they can also help you move “old stock” by reviving a product that is losing sales and / or not moving anymore. By offering discounted prices, you encourage customers to buy products that they normally would not buy. 

Tip #3 - Announce sale and promo dates through your online advertising 

Your advertisement channel includes your website, blog, social media pages (Facebook, Twitter) YouTube channel(s) etc., etc. Once your customers realize that you announce sale / promotional items using these channels, they will be more motivated to visit your sites on a regular basis which is GOOD because you get more traffic, better rankings, etc. and that’s what we are after right? MORE QUALIFIED TRAFFIC!! 

Tip #4 - Offer special discounts and promos to old customers.

This is one way to get more sales from existing customers and create good will, and new referrals!. And because you are offering them a discount, you are also making them happy. This is also one way to keep your customers loyal to you. 

Tip #5 - Inform the customer of the free item's value.

When giving away “freebies,” it’s always a good idea (and a way to improve customer satisfaction) if your customers know the value of the item you are giving them for free.  An example would be something like “If you buy a XYZ product today, you will also receive a bonus “gift” of ABC product valued at $50.00 free." Doing this simple thing tells your customer how much they are getting for free, and leave them feeling much more satisfied with their purchase. 

This concludes my "mini series" on Online marketing / sales tips ... I hope it helped you and you enjoyed it! 

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