Monday, November 25, 2013

Excuse's ... the Mantra of LOSERS!

Are you familiar with people (or are you one of them?) who think and talk like this? 

"I can't make good money blah blah blah...." 

"I'm not the type of person who makes good money waaa waaaa." 

I believe most of you have heard these types of people and / or you are one of them and if you are .... It's your mental programming and it HAS TO GO!

Think about it...

Who taught you to think like that in the first place?

Were / Are they successful internet marketers?

Were / Are they rich beyond the dreams of avarice?

Of course they aren't! 

They were / are people who have been taught to think negatively and watch life from the sidelines! 

All they've EVER done is live an ordinary life and do everything they're "supposed" to do and the advice they gave you is the biggest crock of crap you've ever been told!

It's time to change your programming!!

If you want success, you MUST STOP being the one who sabotages your own success based on what "they" told you about yourself and never take advice from anyone who isn't where you want to be in business or in life!

Remember ....Water seeks it's own level - hang around losers and you'll be one too .. Associate with WINNERS and the World is yours for the taking! 

Your man in the Mountains ............

EJ "Big Ed" Benko
Skype: Edward.Benko

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