Saturday, June 8, 2013

The TRUE "Secrets" to being a SUCCESSFUL Online marketer Revealed ...

Good morning from beautiful Colorado everyone ....

Big Ed here again and today, I'm going to finally reveal the REAL "secrets" to being a successful online marketer and it won't cost you a cent!

First off ...let me tell you this -  There is no "magic" software, program, system, training blah, blah, blah that will make you successful online .. That's all hype and garbage designed to separate you from your hard earned money  ...

Think about it OK?  If I (or anyone else) genuinely possessed the "magic, secret" success formula / program, would I need to advertise or sell it? Of course not! I'd keep it for myself and continue being the most successful internet marketer EVER!

Sadly .... that "magic, secret" isn't real .. it's a sales tactic and a cheap one at that!

Here are the REAL SECRETS to Online (and life) Success! 

1. Work hard

2. Be dedicated and committed

3. Promote HONEST, ETHICAL programs that truly will provide a BENEFIT to ALL who participate!

4. Plan your days ... Create a routine and stick to it! Consistency is the "golden key" to being successful!

5. Be HONEST! Don't sell 1/2 truths, lies and scams! Establish an protect your reputation!

6. Know your product(s) inside and out! You CANNOT sell something you don't know anything about!

7. Communicate with your prospects and be responsive to their questions, concerns and issues!

8. Plan to invest your time, money and efforts in to your business! "FREE" just doesn't work online!

9. Stay true to yourself ... Stay Motivated, Positive and Inspired! People can smell a loser ..Don't be one!

10. Repeat the steps above everyday! Be consistent, Be diligent, Stay committed to your goals / dreams!

Only YOU can make YOUR dreams / goals become reality ... Never be afraid to seek out / ask for help from more experienced marketers & if those you ask don't / won't help you, find someone else who will! There are millions of good, solid, experienced marketers out here that are more than willing to help you succeed BUT you have to listen to them and follow their advice step by step, word for word until you're strong and experienced enough to go out on your own HOWEVER....never forget where you came from and / or become unwilling to share that with new people that ask you for help ... Helping others succeed is the greatest reward you'll ever experience and it also strengthens your presence / reputation as a legitimate, successful marketer! Reputation is everything ....Build it carefully and protect it with your life!

I've been online for many, many years now and have made (and lost) a tremendous amount of money but again, teaching others to do what I do has always been my greatest reward .. To me, nothing is more inspiring than watching someone who once struggled "get it" and turn their lives around! It's an awesome feeling!

Stop wasting your money on "instant this and that" programs .. Stop PAYING for training that's already FREE for the asking! Stop believing the liars, and so called "Guru" scammers .. They are dream weavers selling illusions! Invest in YOURSELF and your business instead!

If you need help, ask me ... Ill be happy to do what I can to get you over the humps and on to smooth, clear roads to success .. Mind you, I don't claim to be an "expert" but I've been out here a long time, and have learned a lot!

You can reach me at  or Skype me at "edward.benko"

Please pay attention to what I've taught you today .. I will guarantee you that if you follow my recommendations and 10 steps above, you will be successful!

Until next time ... This is your man in the Mountains reminding you to ................

Stay Positive ... Stay Inspired ... Stay Motivated!

Learn ...
Plan ....

Big Ed