Saturday, February 15, 2014

Online Sales Lesson #3 - Never forget to Cross Sell

Cross-selling is too often overlooked, neglected and / or completely forgotten! Sending a customer to a 'thank you' page to grab their product is just a small part of the buying / selling process. There is so much more profit potential if you do this right...

ALWAYS send a personal follow up email to your prospects! Introduce yourself, thank them for opting in, and offer any advice / assistance you can AND ALWAYS include your contact info in your signature line!

Tip #1 - Offer the cross sell after the FIRST DEAL has been finalized.
Before you offer your prospect another product, make sure he / she already agreed to buy the first product. This will make it easier for you to explain why he / she (the customer) will need to buy the secondary product, opportunity or service you’re offering. 

Tip #2 - Be persuasive but not pushy.
To be persuasive means that you have the ability to make the customer feel that he/she really needs to buy the additional item that you are offering. Your customer will feel this way because you managed to make him/her realize the use and value of the secondary item that you are offering. Being pushy on the other hand is a different story. If you are pushy, customer satisfaction will drop. Also, your customer may no longer return to you. 

Tip #3 - Offer the extra item at a discount.
In a cross-sell, the extra item that you will offer is not related to the primary product. But this should not stop you from offering a discount. A discount always makes the secondary offer more enticing to the customer. 

Tip #4 - Explain why the item is important.
The secondary item may not be related to the primary product. However, you need to explain why it is useful. If you managed to make the customer realize its importance, he/she might just be persuaded to buy it. You should also expect that the customer will ask questions about the secondary product that you are offering. Show your expertise and knowledge of the item by answering every question. To do this, you will need to be familiar with the item that you are offering. 

Tip #5 - Make the option available a few days or weeks after the original purchase.
Just like in an upsell, the discount on the cross-sell item should also be made available to the customer even after a few days or a few weeks after the purchase of the primary item.

Tip #6 - Include warranty (if available) information on the cross-sell item.
Customers sometimes get the idea that cross-sell items are old stocks. This is because cross-sell items are often offered at a discount. Therefore, you will need to make them feel that what you are offering is brand new. You can do this by telling them that the item comes with a warranty. Also, the packaging of the cross-sell item must suggest that it is indeed brand new. 

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Stay tuned for Lesson # 4 on how to make more sales by offering discounts and promo offers!

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