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Online Sales Lesson #2 - It's All In the Presentation

No matter how amazing your product, offer or opportunity is, NO ONE will care about it until you’ve convinced them it’s a viable offer that will absolutely provide them with a TANGIBLE Benefit and “worth its weight in Gold!” 

An excellent sales page / presentation of your product is what makes all your sales possible. Do this right and your business will stand the test of time... Do it wrong, and it will simply blend in with all the others people pass over.

Tip #1 - Make your offer / product packaging look enticing.

A brief product description commonly appears in front of a product's packaging. When making a product description, make sure that you include all the features that matter (benefit to buyer) the most to your customers. When buying a laptop for example, customers normally look for the following features: battery duration, processor, video card, RAM, hard drive capacity, connectivity options, and product dimension. Therefore, these are the things that you will need to list / emphasize when creating YOUR product description for a laptop, and what will make yours stand out from the millions of others out here!

Tip #2 - Avoid loooooooong product descriptions.

A product description should be brief, concise and to the point! NO ONE wants to read one of those long, drawn out “novel” style ads! NEVER make your ad to wordy / lengthy! If a product description is too lengthy (long sentences and/or long paragraphs), customers will quickly become BORED, and disinterested in reading it.
Guess what? If people end up not reading the product description, they WON’T buy your product!!

Tip #3 - Make a more detailed description at the back.

The brief product description that appears in front of a product's packaging only serves as a “teaser” which gives just enough information to “force” your buyer in to what’s called a “call to action” more commonly known as clicking your link for more information. If a customer finds your ad INTERESTING, he/she will look for, and WANT more information. This is why a more detailed description of your offer should always appear at the back end AKA: your products landing / opt in page.  

Have you ever noticed a shopper turning around a box after seeing the front looking for more information? The same principle applies online.

Tip #4 - Make a suitable packaging design.

Website, Splash page design is critical to your products success! The design can / should feature different moods / themes etc., BUT ALWAYS include some information about what you’re selling!

I don’t know about you but I HATE being directed to an opt in page that simply offers be some tropical background and  TELLS ME NOTHING about why they want me to give them my name, and email address!! To me, that’s nothing but LAZY and I WILL NEVER opt in to a page / offer like that! BE CREATIVE - NOT LAZY!

Tip #5 - Highlight main features / specifications.

Sometimes, the list of features your opportunity can be lengthy. This is especially true for technological products such as mobile phones, computers, media players, and such. Therefore, the product description ends up looking “crowded.”  So what do you do? The answer is easy, simply highlight the most important features and leave the rest for when your prospect opt’s in and / or goes to your landing page.  Keep it simple and don’t over complicate things!

Tip #6 - Avoid FALSE / exaggerated claims.

In an attempt to win customers, many people think it’s “OK” to use exaggerated, mis leading and outright FALSE claims. DO NOT DO THIS FOR ANY REASON!  People are NOT STUPID! They will quickly see through phony and deceptive claims and label you a spammer / scammer. 


Note: Even if your claims are true, they will look faked if your ad / web design is written in a shoddy / shady way. Always make claims appear / sound natural instead of “hyped.

Tip #7 - Use catchy pictures/photographs.

It’s always good to play around with words BUT, words alone don’t always cut it!
The words in your ad and / or on your opportunities website / landing page will ONLY serve as a sale's pitch. People are “visual” by nature … You should always try to include some photos and graphic designs for a more enticing look. 

That’s it for Lesson # 2 – I hope it was helpful!

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