Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Offering Products and Real Opportunity versus selling "promises"

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Today I want to write a few lines about the differences between those offering REAL products and opportunities versus those selling nothing more than empty promise's and dreams of "what if" and "maybe"  ..

First off, it's a violation of FTC (Federal Trade Commission) regulations to promise anything online unless of course it's a guarantee of your services / actual product etc - There's a huge difference between guaranteeing something tangible and simply "promising" people they will get rich, lose weight, be beautiful, etc, etc, etc ..

Every opportunities success relies on motivation / work ethic of the end user .. Just because someone buys your system or opts in to your opportunity, does not guarantee they will become active.... So there's really  no legitimate way to promise these folks "success"  -

Be very careful on how you promote your opportunities ...I don't want to see anyone go to jail or pay big fines to the Government for false / misleading advertising -

I also wanted to touch on the absolute importance of communicating with your prospects / leads ...

Internet marketing (just like offline marketing) is a "numbers" game but, it's also a "people" game ... Every lead you receive is a real live person just like you ..It's important that you reach out to each and everyone personally to let them know you value them as human (not just potential sales) beings, and begin building a foundation of trust and integrity ...  Whatever you do, DO NOT rely on your auto responder messages to establish a relationship and / or do your selling for you!

Do you remember the movie "The Wizard of Oz?" In the movie, the "great and powerful" Oz was nothing more than an ordinary man standing behind a curtain manipulating controls that gave him the appearance of
being more than he actually was .... Once the curtain was pulled back, he became just another person like everyone else .. No better, No worse -

Online marketing is not that different from online marketing ... People buy from people they know, like and trust! Never forget this, and NEVER be the "man behind the curtain" to your prospects!

Always remember and NEVER forget ... Reputation is EVERYTHING out here! it can takes years to build, and minutes to destroy!

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