Monday, April 15, 2013

Thoughts and prayers for the people of Boston

Good evening everyone ...

I'm sitting here watching the snow fall over the Colorado Rockies and thinking about the stark contrasts between my peaceful, picturesque setting versus that of what the people of Boston are experiencing ..

Not so long ago (July 20th to be exact) it was my City (Aurora, Colorado) being torn apart by senseless violence .. The calm night sky ripped apart by what seemed like hundreds of sirens responding to the shootings at the theater, the cries of the victims, and their loved ones wondering if their husband, wife, son, daughter, etc was among the dead ....... Two of them were people I knew personally

I've walked the halls of Columbine. I've met survivors and call a few of them "friend" .. People who's lives have been forever changed by the actions of crazy people - Truly there are no words ..

 I turned on CNN this evening and as usual, it was nothing but a "sideshow" of talking heads throwing out opinions and theories instead of simply reporting the facts .. an all to familiar scene and one I'd seen played out here this past summer - I had to turn it off.

Tonight I'm not going to talk about anything other than the events of today and ask that everyone take a moment to put down everything you're doing for a few minutes and say a prayer for all those affected by this act of lunacy .. I'd like you all to also take time to be thankful for the many blessings in your lives and realize how very special, and important they really are ...  small things like your job, your home, your families, your health, etc ... Things we too often take for granted & think will always be there tomorrow ..

For those who died in Boston this afternoon, their tomorrows ended today and for those who loved them, tomorrow will be filled with pain, sorrow, and anguish .. Pray for them -

Yesterday is gone, today is a gift, and tomorrow not promised ...

Appreciate everything you have and all those around you and please, never take anything in this life for granted ..

Remember ... We are Americans! We will stand strong and united against those who wish and / or do us harm!

God Bless the people of Boston, God Bless America, and May God Bless you all

Big Ed

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