Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Making Money Online and the Lottery

Good morning everyone ..

Today's message is a very simple and straight forward one ..

Getting rich on the internet is very similar to people who play the lottery ..

They know it works, and they know the odds of winning are great but, they have faith and they keep playing week in, week out ..

You've seen them in gas stations, grocery stores, convenient stores, etc ... lined up, tickets in hand and ready to play ..

Making money online is very much the same but the difference is, lottery players know they have to jump in to win ..

Online marketers think "FREE" is best ... Free programs, free advertising, free everything and after months of their "FREE" everything producing NOTHING they get frustrated and quit ..

Simple rule, if you want to win the lottery, BUY A TICKET!

If you want to make money online - INVEST IN YOUR BUSINESS, AND YOURSELF!

Trust me, free is NOT always best ..

Your man in the Rockies

Big Ed
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