Sunday, April 7, 2013

Making Money Online ... Fact versus Fiction

I've been marketing online for a number of years now and I've learned many, many things in this time ..

I've made money, and lost money - I've made the mistakes new marketers make and chased many "dreams" being sold by the self proclaimed "Guru's" .. Like I said, I've learned A LOT!

With the economy the way it is today, many people are looking for ways to generate additional income and turn to the internet as a source - While it's very true that many people have become wealthy marketing online, the vast majority have gone broke and / or quit in frustration after not becoming an "overnight, automatic internet millionaire."

We've all seen the "guru" right?  Appearing in video's driving rented Ferrari's and posturing in front of someone else's mansion trying to make you believe that their latest / greatest "shinny thing" is the "secret" ( I love how everyone's selling secret this or that LOL)  marvel of the ages and that for only X amount of dollars, you too can drive a rented sports car and stand in front of a mansion too! Please don't buy into these types scams.

The GOOD NEWS is that there are many genuinely good, rock solid, legitimate ways to make realistic money online and that's the ONLY type of program / product I will ever promote - If I don't think something offers a true, tangible benefit to others, I simply won't promote it -

Over the years I've found a few simple, affordable, easy to use systems that generate REAL money and I'd like to share them with you

 Free and Powerful - An absolutely brilliant marketing / lead generating / money making system that truly is Free and Powerful - No hidden costs, monthly fee's etc ..Just a simple, easy to under system that works! There's a great community of people involved in F n P and the support offered is second to none
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MCA or "Motor Club of America" - MCA is just like AAA offering towing, roadside assistance, etc, etc to both American and Canadian motorists only it's BETTER because MCA will PAY you $80.00 for every $40.00 membership you sell! It's very simple and easy to sell because it's a great service every driver needs and offered by a reputable company - I'm a member myself and I love it!

Visit my "Join MCA Site" by clicking here 

If you'd like you're own MCA re-seller site like mine click here 

Another great product I promote is "Phantom Plate Photo Blocker" .. This amazing, tested and proven product will make your car virtually invisible to speed trap camera's! It's awesome, effective and 100% legal!
As an affiliate, Phantom Plate will pay you up to 80% of what you sell and they pay every month like clockwork! You can promote / sell these products anywhere in the World!

Check out Phantom Plates products here 

Of course I offer many other legitimate opportunities and advertising on my main site "Big Edz Ads"  and I'm sure there will be something that fits your needs and lifestyle there -

So don't be discouraged by all the crap out that - Stay positive, and focused & trust your instincts ..if it sounds to good to be true, it most likely is -

You can do this but again, stay realistic and don't get "hooked" by the flash in the pan "shinny things" and "get rich overnight" scams -

If you need help / advice, feel free to email me by clicking  here

I'm happy to help in anyway I can

Thanks for visiting!

Big Ed
Big Edz Ads 

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